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Enamel hypocalcification or hypoplasia

Enamel Hypocalcification or Enamel Hypoplasia: The basic building block of the crown enamel is the enamel rod, which is a column of enamel extending from the dentino-enamel junction to the coronal surface of the tooth. Enamel is produced by ameloblasts, initially mineraliasation occurs where the enamel rod matrix is laid down, followed by maturation, where the crystals grow in size and become tightly packed together. If the crystals fail to grow to full size, the rods will be poorly calcified, a condition termed enamel hypocalcification, and will often appears as a pit with dentine exposure. When the lesion is probed with an explorer it appears hard but brittle. Enamel hypoplasia is a defect of the tooth crown where the enamel is deficient in thickness thus is thin.


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