Dental Webinars

Do you want to increase your knowledge in most areas of general practice dentistry? Would you like to be able to perform a complete and thorough oral examination and understand the treatment options pertaining to the pathology that you find? Or have a working knowledge of periodontal disease and setting up home care programs? How about knowing when to take a radiograph and be able to interpret it? Or when do you save a tooth and when does it need extraction?

This year we have all of these topics and more. We have also extended the program to include anaesthesia, join us for a webinar with Dr Leah Bradbury and improve your anaesthesia skills and avoid complications.

Join us each month at 7.30pm AET (AEST), for the 2018 webinars prepared and taught by Dr David Clarke, Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry, Dr Leah Bradbury, Specialist in Veterinary Anaesthesia and Drs Kirsty Hailstone and Angus Fechney, Residents in Veterinary Dentistry.

These live webinars are recorded, so are available to watch later at a time that suits your schedule. Twice a year we provide a complimentary webinar.

The 2018 Program is:

February: Feline Radiology (available now as a recording) (Dr David Clarke)

Cats have been shown to suffer many subgingival conditions, including tooth resorption and periodontal disease, which are detected by radiography. For example, tooth resorption can be picked up and classified by radiography and then appropriate treatment chosen. This webinar discusses xray equipment available, techniques to obtain a repeatable and reliable radiograph, and interpretation of common feline oral pathology.

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March: Feline Extraction Techniques (available now as a recording) (Dr David Clarke)

A number of cats do not receive adequate periodontal homecare and suffer advanced dental pathology that requires oral surgery including extractions. A large number of fractures are not able to be saved by endodontic treatment and require extraction. Tooth resorptions are common in cats as well. This webinar will greatly improve your simple and surgical extraction techniques, including raising a muco-gingival flap, osteotomy techniques, and tooth sectioning.

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April 12th : Dental Charting and how it will improve the business (free) (Dr David Clarke)

Traditionally dental charting was completed on a piece of paper and then photocopied or scanned into the patient management system. The chart was often used as a form of homecare instructions. This webinar will examine the types of dental charting available, what to record and how it record it, including pathology symbols and treatment. Paper charts and on-line charts will be shown, including how to utilise the computer based chart to store photographs, radiographs and make homecare instructions.

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May 10th : Professional dental services to benefit your clinic (Dr David Clarke)

What would be the benefits of setting up a dental service in your clinic for the staff, clients and patients? Setting protocols, performing more and higher quality dentistry will have a flow on effect for the entire business.

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June 13th : Anaesthesia: Understanding and Troubleshooting Anaesthetic Complications (Dr Leah Bradbury)

A brief update on anaesthetic monitoring equipment including capnography and various types of blood pressure monitoring.  We will also discuss how these monitors can improve patient care in your practice.  And finally how to recognise and deal with common anaesthetic complications.

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July 12th  : Get Ready for Pet Dental Month – Improving Your Periodontal Cleaning – useful techniques for probing, subgingival scaling, polishing, use of perioceuticals and Interpreting Radiographs (Dr David Clarke)

Get Ready for Dental Month with a Guide on how to super charge your dental department.

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August 9th : In clinic and Homecare programs – Setting up a program to permanently keep the mouth healthy and free of plaque (Dr Kirsty Hailstone)

Everyone says that the brush and toothpaste are the best technique to keep plaque off the tooth surface. But with less than 2% pet and owner compliance and over 70% of plaque residing on the tongue, is brushing really the best way to keep the pet’s oral cavity healthy? Let this webinar give you the latest research on homecare programs and the products that really work.

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September 13th : Minimally invasive management of maxilla-facial fractures (Dr Angus Fechney)

Maxillo-facial fractures are commonly observed in small animal practice following dog bites, car accidents and trauma. This webinar will demonstrate techniques to repair these fractures that be performed in general practice.

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October 10th : An update on Feline Anaesthesia (Dr Leah Bradbury)

We all know that cats are not dogs, not even small dogs! However in the absence of feline specific evidence based medicine we have extrapolated how we treat cats from personal experience or canine medicine.  Despite this, in more recent times there has been an increase in the evidence base surrounding feline anaesthesia and analgesia.   We will review the current literature and techniques for feline anaesthesia and analgesia in this tutorial.

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November 8th : Saving Teeth – alternatives to extraction (Dr David Clarke)

There are many conditions commonly seen in general practice that can be treated rather than opting for extraction, including uncomplicated tooth fractures (enamel and dentine exposed – pulp NOT exposed), enamel hypoplasia or carious lesions, periodontally affected tooth (increased periodontal sulcus depth or pocket formation), gingival recession and malocclusion of recently erupted mandibular canine teeth. These are all treatable in practice and this webinar will look at how you can do this and increase your dental skills.

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December 13th : Juvenile Dentistry (free) (Dr David Clarke)

Puppies and kittens develop a unique set of dental problems, including bite abnormalities, malocclusions, tooth fractures and enamel malformations, to list a few. Treatment of malocclusions and deciduous and immature adult tooth pathology has its own set of techniques. This webinar will examine the conditions experienced in the early stages of tooth and jaw development and the treatment options available.

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