The Veterinary Dental Education Centre is able to offer you, and your clinic, in-clinic education via case information, lectures, procedure videos and tips, webinars, and workshops at a time and in a place that suits your lifestyle and workload. We offer:

  • VDEC online courses and monthly webinars
  • Procedure theory notes
  • Interpretation of uploaded radiographs
  • Case studies and reference manuals
  • Advice on dental cases

There are two levels of membership: Veterinary practice membership, obtained in conjunction with the purchase of the veterinary dental charts, currently $985 USD per annum, available at www.vetdentalcharts.com, and individual membership, as a subscription via www.vdec.com.au The cost is the same, and individual subscription may take advantage of the charts at a future date. Student memberships are also available for a reduced fee of $30 USD per annum.

Veterinary Dental & Oral Surgery Continuing Education Courses

Since 1997, Dr David Clarke has been offering lectures, webinars, in-clinic education and workshops throughout Australia, the Pacific and Asia. We have travelled far and wide to many towns and countries from Invercargill in New Zealand to Beijing in China, to conduct over 500 courses and educate more than 6,000 veterinarians, veterinary students and technicians/nurses. Our passion and vision is to provide relevant up-to-date dentistry, through webinar based learning; computer based lectures, notes and procedures; and small intimate hands-on workshops. Our aim is to provide personal development and raise the standard of clinical dentistry in individual practices to build a sustainable profitable business and a healthier, happier clientele.

The Veterinary Dental Education Centre (www.vdec.com.au) has fulfilled one of Dr. David Clarke’s professional goals and missions; to create a permanent and dedicated web based education site and a physical facility for continuing education in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery for veterinarians and technicians in Australasia. VDEC is the first of its kind in Australasia, offering both computer based learning and practical hands-on teaching. The practical classes are conducted across all topics in small animal veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. Mirrored on the set-up and experience of the Animal Dental Training Center run by Dr Ira Luskin in Boston, USA, VDEC will be the premier facility for those seeking unparalleled comprehensive and “hands-on” veterinary dental continuing education programs. Small class sizes, individual access to dental machines, workstations and instruments, interactive lectures, and an open forum approach to learning make classes at the VDEC a truly unique and professionally rewarding experience.

The many veterinary dental programs offered through the VDEC are for all ability levels and include special “technician/nurse weekends”, continuing education courses in radiology, oral pathology, oral surgery, restorations, and endodontics for general practitioners and those veterinarians with a special interest in dentistry. Starting in January 2017, the VDEC will begin offering “Masters level” courses and ‘mini-residency programs’ for those individuals with proficiency in dentistry and seeking training on more advanced topics within the dental disciplines.

The courses will be run by Board Certified Specialists and Residency trained Veterinarians from both local and abroad.

“The First Private Post-Graduate Center for Continuing Education Courses in Veterinary Dentistry & Oral Surgery”

If veterinarians are going to sacrifice their precious time and hard earned money to better themselves, then the Continuing Education courses and facilities better be something special! This is the goal of the VDEC. Providing the profession and its dedicated practitioners, a place to foster learning in dentistry and a time to share ideas are foremost in its “raison d’etre.”

The Centre offers a “state of the art” teaching facility, a lounge / outdoor area for attendees to enjoy breakfast, lunch and refreshment breaks, whilst sharing ideas and asking questions, and a lecture and wet lab area for tuition and workshops. There are 20 individual work stations each equipped with high and low speed drills, air-water syringes, and quick disconnects for ultrasonic scalers.

Each dental work station has complete instrumentation for the courses taught. In addition, on site there are three Acteon XMind dental radiographic xray generators and Sopix2 sensors and computers, chairside developers, amalgamators and a model cutter. Each attendee has access to Cislak instruments, loupes, dental models and specimens. There is no sharing of instruments, no time searching for the right materials or waiting for equipment. VDEC offers attendees quality education. Small groups and longer laboratory time provide the attendees with the chance to fully learn and put into practice the new techniques. Couple this with the relaxed informal environment which allows for a better learning and you have all the ingredients for a successful educational and professional experience.

Veterinary Dental Charts

The cloud based dental charting system was developed by Dr David Clarke in conjunction with IT specialists.

The charts are cloud based, single click per pathology or treatment, and as such do not require pads or paper. The charts can’t be lost, don’t need to be scanned, and easily can be saved to the client management record or printed for the client as a permanent take home. The added information allows the practitioner to inform the client of treatments and educate them on homecare, ensuring they follow recommendations for a successful outcome. The charts will allow the clinic to confidently record pathology and treatment in dogs and cats, print homecare instructions, record local nerve blocks, add clinical photographs and mount radiographs using the AVDC approved mounting protocol.

Whilst many clinics may already have an adequate paper charting system, the cloud based dental chart portal can also consolidate an education site, or provide one if you do not already have one. It is possible to link the dental charts to an education site, you may wish me to do the same for yourself and link the dental charting to an education site for your lectures, dental procedures, webinars and notes. The website www.vetdentalcharts.com is available to obtain more information and to log on for a free trial.